2011 Pinot Gris
2011 Dry Riesling
Estate Late Harvest Riesling
2010 Syrah
Swakane Red
Swakane Winery

Our Wine

You must be 21 years of age to order from our wine list.
Due to strict state laws we only ship to WA, OR, CA
Wine is shipped via UPS and someone 21 years of age must sign for the wine.

White Wines

2011 Pinot Gris, Columbia Valley AVA
This vibrant Pinot Gris begins with aromas of lemon grass
and hints of vanilla, accompanied by refreshing pear on
the palate.
Dry 12.6% ALC $18.00

2011 Estate Dry Riesling, Columbia Valley AVA
This Estate Risling begins with a touch of green apple
and soft honeydew melon aromas, followed by light citrus
 and bold green apple flavors.
Dry Alc. 12.7% $20.00

Red Wine

2010 Syrah, Wahluke Slope
This lush Syrah starts with mixed berry on the nose,
softens to ripe raspberries on the palate
Alc 13.8% $26.00

Swakane Red, Wahluke and Columbia Valley AVA
Cabernet Franc 60% Merlot 25% Syrah 15%

Aromas of ripe bing cherries and wood will introduce you
to the bold character of our Cabernet Franc
with a touch of Merlot and Syrah. This red blend
will linger on your palate with a soft smokey finish. dry
Alc. 14.2%

About the Artist:

Madeline Nelson:
After years of traveling and searching for inspiration in cultural
and natural experiences, Madeline Nelson has developed a unique style
of colored pencil illustrations. With close attention to detail, a passion for
vibrant color and experience dabbling in various artistic mediums, she has
begun creating surreal works reflecting emotional and
connections to our natural world that captivate the imagination.

Dessert Wine

2012 Estate Late Harvest Riesling
This Riesling was picked  late in the season allowing
the sugars and flavors to increase making this a sweet
 crisp white wine. Your glass will overflow with sweet
ripe peach and floral aromas.sweet ...
r.s. 6.9 alc. 12.% 
$18.00 (375ml)

2010 Willapa Wild Blackberry Dessert Wine
sweet ...r.s 14.4 Alc14.6%  $28 (375ml)

Woohoo Glühwein(hot spiced wine) 
A Traditional winter favorite, our Mulled Red Wine perfectly
spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and a hint of citrus.
The perfect treat to warm you to the core on a cold winter day.
Sweet: ALC 10.8%  $24 (750ml)

Woohoo Berry Sangria 
Enjoy the lush blend of premium red wines infused with mixed
berry juice, fresh and wild harvested berries served over ice.
The Perfect  treat on a sunny day!
Sweet  Alc 10.1% $24

Woohoo Pink Dessert Wine

This Pink Dessert wine was made in the Port style using our Cabernet Franc grapes and                              
limiting the skin contact on the juice we are able to extract a beautiful 
deep rose color and rich Raspberry flavor.
This Woohoo Pink drinks like a port, but can also be used as a base to make cocktails.                                         
We have listed a few of our favorites below or create you own and 
share your favorites on our facebook.
 r.s. 14.3  Alc16.4% 
$18 (375ml) 

How to serve:
*2 parts Woohoo Pink and 1 part ginger ale over ice with a sprig of Mint
*2 parts Woohoo Pink and 1 part club soda with a squeeze of lime, garnish with the quartered lime
*Try chilled over ice
*2 parts Woohoo pink and 1 part dry champagne
*Or simply pour in glass and sip 
*Pairs amazing with dark chocolate

Rose of Cabernet Franc

This rose has vibrant ripe raspberry aromas with a balanced acidity and berry
flavors on the palate.

Semi Sweet  Alc 12.4%   r.s 3.2  $18

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